Life Moves Pretty Fast

It has been awhile since I last posted on my blog. No one seemed to be too upset about that, which is just fine, but I have had a few people ask why I haven’t been writing more frequently. As I return to the blog, I thought I would unpack that for everyone in the hope that it might be useful for some of us in trying to find healthy integration in our lives.

I say integration because that is how I believe life works. I hear people talk about looking for balance all the time. Have you ever noticed that whenever people are talking about balance, they are always looking for it? I have never heard anyone talk about balance from a place of standing in it. I don’t believe that balance exists. There is no place of permanent equilibrium that allows life to function smoothly and without surprise or interruption.

We talk about balance like we are standing at the fulcrum of a large counterbalance scale. We have all these realities we must balance: work and family, hobbies and friends, marriage and everything else.

In this worldview, where does God fit? In many cases, He simply becomes one of the things we must fit onto the scale and keep in balance. This reality ultimately puts me in the position of God because I act as if I am the one responsible to place things where they go and God simply becomes a thing I must work into my life.

I believe He is a bit more sovereign than that.

For me — and you are free to disagree — God is the shot caller in life. I choose neither the things that happen in life nor the timing of how things unfold, but I am left with the decision of how I am going to respond. We waste so much time trying to ask, “Why?” The answer would never truly satisfy us. The better and more mature question is, “What now?”

So, in the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast.” And that is true for each of us. Things get busy and we all have curveballs thrown at us. It just happens. We cannot change that. And it happened to me.

Life got busy. I have a wife I like to spend time with. I have four kids I choose to chase around. I have an amazing job. I get to travel and speak in different places. I have the incredible privilege of helping with the high school wrestling team. And then I have a couple of hobbies. My life is full — and satisfying. Sometimes things get busier than normal. Sometimes I get more tired than normal. And sometimes, hard things come into my life that I must wrestle with for awhile.

All of those things happened. I couldn’t figure out how to effectively integrate writing for the blog, so I took a break. And it was good. And now I’m back.

How do you prioritize the integration of your life? What things are hard for you to let go when things get crazy? What do you hold to most tightly?

May you find the rhythm of healthy integration. And may you be able to effectively, lovingly, and with proper conviction say no to the things that erode your peace.