The 7 Cultural Mountains #1 — Introduction

I am fascinated by history. In my marginal opinion, Alexander the Great is probably the person who has had more influence on what culture is in the western world than any other person in history — not so much from the sense of creating the ideas, but in the sense of selling those ideologies in the world.

As he conquered the world, Alexander built cities that were the best of what Greece offered the world. He invited everyone everywhere to experience what made Greece so great in his mind. He had a simple treatise: Give me Theater (Entertainment/Media), Gymnasium (University), Arena (Sport), and Temple (Religion), and I will rule the world.

He was right.

From whatever worldview a person comes, if that person can find the right mediums to convey their worldview, it can take root and move the world to that new idea. Alexander found that these four major pillars of culture would allow him to promote his big idea (to make the world Greece) in a way that captured people’s attention and moved the world to his side. We are Greek thinkers today because he found this reality and used it to its maximum.

In our world, the premise is still true. Some of the venues and ideas have adapted, but the basic idea is still true. Find the major movers of culture, own them, and you can change the world. The culture of a society is not the will of the people. It never has been. The decisions of a select few at the top of strategic cultural mountains trickle down into the minds and hearts of the masses.

In our world, I believe there are seven of these cultural mountains. This is not my idea, nor is it new. This has been around since at least the 1970s, and probably earlier. Guys like Lauren Cunningham (YWAM) and Bill Bright (Campus Crusade) were being led to consider these ideas at the time. And I think that now, more than ever, they might be relevant to the larger conversation the Church finds itself in.

So this is my treatise in our world today: Give me Media, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Government, Education, Family, and Religion — and I will change the world. I want to pull each of these apart and consider the implications for the Church or for anyone who truly wants to influence the world. I hope it will be a blessing for us all.