The Worship Atmosphere

While a relationship with God and others happens all throughout the week, Sunday morning is the time to come together, worship God, and celebrate what He has done for us. This takes many forms, both on the surface and deep inside. The Creative Arts team seeks to provide an atmosphere that ushers in the presence of God. An environment where people can experience God on their own terms brings the freedom to express themselves and let God know what is in their hearts.


Who We Are

God works in mighty ways through music. “I can know the truth, and I can read Scripture, but sometimes it is the reminder through music that God is right here—that is what gives me hope.” This is why we do what we do as the Creative Arts team. We want to be used by God to remind people (or teach them for the first time) who He is, who He says we are, and that He is present and active. We sing, play, and work as an outpouring of our adoration of, gratefulness to, and love for our Creator.

It will never be about simply playing and singing songs. We seek to create an environment that awakens people to who He is. An encounter with God always leads to worship. We hope these encounters with Him lead to a lifestyle of worship—in song and word, yes, but more importantly in serving Him in the Church and community.



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