March 4–10: The Final Week — Just One Ending

We are continuing our seven-week Lent series on the last week of Christ. Each week leading up to Easter will cover a day of the week prior to Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection. This story takes place on the Tuesday of Passion week. There were many opinions among Jesus followers of what needed to happen next to take the movement forward. Some sought political reform. Some sought religious reform. Some sought an overthrow of Roman oppression. We will see that the Disciples seemed excited about Jesus's notoriety and Judas had his own agenda. Jesus had one purpose in mind - the tasks given Him by His Father. We will look at two stories that give us different insights as to what happened on this day. If you are having problems downloading the PDFs or have questions about the curriculum, please email

Note: We added an ANNOUNCEMENT requesting for volunteers to help with Easter at Beasley just below the DEBRIEF THE STORY SECTION. Your personal invite as a CARE Group leader will help people commit to serving. 

CARE Group Curriculum: The Final Week — Just One Ending