It is our heart to steward people well. We are all called to be a part of the body of Christ, actively serving to bring heaven crashing into earth. In LIFER Kids, we make it a priority to help you find a place to serve that puts your gifts and talents on display and allows you to be effective for the Kingdom of God. We don’t want to cram a square peg into a round hole. We want our volunteers to feel like what they do is meaningful and for it to be spiritually energizing to them. It is our desire for LIFER Kids to be as big of a blessing to the volunteers as it is to the children, and that it becomes a place you love to connect.

How You Can Partner with Us

Do you love snuggling babies?

  • Serve with us in our nursery!

Does helping kids experience how much God loves them energize you?

  • Become a small group leader in our PreK or Elementary rooms!

Are you gifted administratively?

  • Get involved on our curriculum or event planning teams!

Are you passionate about parenting and growing healthy families?

  • Help us love, support, and resource the parents in our ministry!

Do you know your way around computer software and/or social media?

  • Help us manage schedules, data entry, communication & promoting!

Leaders in Training (LITs)

LITs are young people who desire to be a part of their community by serving with God through LIFER Kids. LITs are students entering sixth grade through seniors in high school and are considered LIFER Kids Ministry Partners upon turning 18. This is one of the ways we partner with parents to help teach their students the responsibility and qualities of leadership. It helps instill in them a habit of being connected to their church body and being on mission with Jesus.


Our vision in LIFER Kids is to reach the world for Jesus, one child at a time. We can be sure the whole world will not walk through the doors of Real Life on a Sunday morning, but if we can create biblical disciples, they will go into all the world making other disciples, and our vision as a church becomes far more achievable.

As a church we believe these biblical disciples are made in relational environments. That is why we put so much focus and emphasis on CARE Groups. If we truly believe that is the key to disciple-making, we must take a good, hard look at how we spend our time in LIFER Kids and make sure our organization and structure are effectively primed to give our children a small group experience where their potential can be called out and where they have a consistent and mature voice speaking into their life. Consequently, they will grow in their relationship with their God.

That is why we are offering this powerful training called Lead Small. We believe this training will help move our small group ministry forward in exciting ways! Please sign up today if you are a LIFER Kids volunteer. There are links below for our Pullman and Moscow training sessions.


Lead Small, Pullman Training

Real Life, Pullman Extension

Lead Small, Moscow Training

Real Life, Moscow Campus — Multipurpose Room