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Missoula Church Plant

Paule and Mollie joined Real Life four years ago. Initially they resisted taking the job because of painful experiences with past churches. God made it clear this was what He had next for them—and they trusted it. At first they were defensive and unsure about working for a church again. Slowly, their walls started to come down. They learned to trust and hope again in the Church. Paule and Mollie healed and grew as Real Life became their family.

But God wasn’t done. Real Life has numerous connections within the Missoula area. Some of our staff have moved from there. Impact Campus Ministries is starting a ministry at the University of Montana. Charlie, Aaron’s father, used to pastor a church there, as well. This church, however, began to struggle and approached Real Life about helping because of our relationship with Missoula. The decision was made to close their doors and plant a new church with the DNA and vision of Real Life.

Real Life challenged Paule to pray about leading the plant.

Paule & Mollie, July 2017

Paule & Mollie, July 2017

As before when Paule came to Real Life, he resisted. It would mean giving up the community he and his wife have come to love, as well as taking on the huge risk of trying to build a church from scratch. As before, God made it clear this is where He is leading them.

Missoula is one of the most unchurched cities in America: 72.5% of the city population claims no religious affiliation whatsoever. Much of the area is resistant to Christianity. The city also has its fair share of needs: addiction, poverty, homelessness, and single parent households. While the city is fairly liberal, the surrounding area is more conservative. There is a divide.

This is a great appeal rather than a deterrent. We want to build a church that draws in the skeptics, the unchurched, and the resistant. This new church will be one that fights for addicts, raises those in poverty, gives a voice back to victims, serves the community, and provides a family for the alien, the orphan, and the widow. More importantly, the redemptive message of the Gospel will be proclaimed and many will come to trust and follow Jesus.

There will be many ways to partner with us and with Paule and Mollie. For now and for all, we ask that you would partner with us in prayer for this church plant. If you are interested in staying up to date or in learning more about other ways you can partner with us, please fill out the form below.

Currently, Paule is working on building a team and fundraising. His family will be leaving Moscow to head for Missoula in the middle of August. If you’d like to connect with Paule, you can follow him on Twitter or his blog.

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