Faith and Grace


This is Faith and Grace.

Leading up to middle school camp, they were excited because last year was so much fun for them. But at camp this year, they realized they didn’t really know anyone in their cabin. Their week started off difficult because they were in a cabin with seven other girls.

Each night of the week, they met together in their cabins and they started to get to know one another.

“They hid it really well. I didn’t even know some of them had that big of stories.”

The more they learned about each other, the more they bonded. Each night they stayed in their small group longer than any other group because they could not stop crying together, laughing together, and then crying some more.

Grace and Faith grew inseparable with their new friends as they would play in the lake, eat, zip line, and watch movies together. Each night they would share more and get to know their new friends better. During some of their free time, they would have their own small group time and keep processing what God had been showing them during the large group time.

“Since they told their stories, I get them a little more. I know more about them. It is easier to relate to them, too.”

Throughout the week of camp, Grace and Faith became more aware of how God is working, and they learned to join Him where He is working. They started obeying God when He pointed out challenges for them to overcome.

The biggest reason they want to go back to camp next year is because they “made new relationships with people who are going through the same thing they are.”