This is Cliff. 

He decided to come to church after his friend invited him.

Cliff has always been able to scratch out a living for himself and his son as a landscaper. He had enough to keep food on their plates and a roof over their heads, but never much more than that.

After they had been together a while, his then girlfriend, now wife, asked him to pray about how he was giving. “You know, if you’re not doing the right thing, you’re stealing from God,” she said to him.

After praying about his giving and talking it over with her, they decided he would tithe on everything as soon as it hit the bank account. After a while he could see how God was providing as he was able to work through the winter months and he was able to find jobs through friends and new connections.

When he started talking about his experience at his CARE Group, everyone chimed in with their own similar experiences.

“We discussed as a group: we can’t out give God in the good times or the bad.”

His CARE Group continued to be a pillar in his life. Cliff was out of town in January when a problem occurred with his propane line. Between his neighbor and some friends from CARE Group, they were able to plumb in and wire up a new water heater.

Through his CARE Group taking care of each other, Cliff and his family have what they need. Today they continue to look for ways to be a blessing and model God’s love in the community.