Marcus & Jenna


This is Marcus and Jenna (and their CARE Group).

These two met in August of 2013 while going to WSU, but they came from very different backgrounds.

Jenna was raised in a mixed religion household and knew God but had never actively participated in a church community before. Marcus was raised in the church with a traditional understanding of God and Scripture.

From the start of their relationship, they knew they were dating with a purpose and with their futures in mind. After a year of dating, they began looking for a church they could both invest in.

Their first Sunday at Real Life, they started feeling the value of relationship.

“I grew up in the church all my life, and I’ve never felt such a genuine, sincere welcoming into community.”

They dove headlong into a CARE Group where they found leaders who cared about them and friends they could relate to. They started volunteering on Sundays in the kitchen and found family away from home.

They also grew in ways they never expected. Marcus realized some of his decisions were hurting his relationship with Jenna. With close friends and leaders willing to invest in him, he was able to work through baggage as God continued to knit him and Jenna together.

Halfway through college, Jenna became very homesick. Having people in her life whom she could confide in and connect to comforted her when she felt far from home.

God revealed Himself to them as He showed Marcus Scripture in new light and as Jenna felt the power of community.

“It challenged what I really believe and why I really believe it.”

Now that they have graduated, married, and moved away, they look forward to finding new relationships they can dig into as they continue to be a part God’s community.