Ray & JoAnne


This is Ray and JoAnne.

They been part of Real Life since the first information meeting, before services began.

Charlie Couch invited them to be part of the services and pray with people who might want prayer. Though they were reluctant to get involved, they chose to jump in anyway.

At one of their first weeks serving, a college girl came up to pray. As she approached Ray and JoAnne, she began to cry. Immediately empathizing with the student, JoAnne began crying too.

That day they prayed together and went to lunch. In the following weeks, they continued to go to lunch together, the student began inviting her friends, and they eventually adopted Ray and JoAnne as “Papa Ray” and “Mama Jo.”

These Sunday lunches slowly turned into Sunday dinners. Before they knew it, Ray and JoAnne were leading a CARE Group full of students. These relationships continued to develop, and year after year they have led this CARE Group. It has morphed and changed as new students joined and old students graduated. They also began partnering with Impact Campus Ministries in Pullman.

Having led this group for almost ten years, they now have friends all over the country, from North Carolina to Colorado to California, and all over Seattle. Ray and JoAnne have been more than a blessing to so many students as they have hosted graduation parties every year, helped students move, and traveled for weddings all over the country.

They have also been blessed to be a part of God working in students’ lives. They do service projects together, help students process harsh family backgrounds, and walk students through the struggle to pay for school needs.

As they look to the future, they are excited to lead their ever-transforming group. They are also setting plans to travel the country and see their friends who have moved away. Most of all, they are excited to witness God moving in the lives of so many more college students.