This is Cassie.

Her little girl connected her to Real Life in 2012 by taking another child’s toy in the playground at Eastside Marketplace. Cassie immediately connected to the other moms who were there during their weekly Moms Morning group because they were so welcoming and friendly.

Together, Cassie and the other moms face the joys and struggles of motherhood, ranging from the day-to-day necessities, parenting methods and philosophies, and the lifelong responsibility they have as mothers to their children. She continues to connect to these women five years later as they live life together in a tightly knit community.

Being welcomed with open arms into the group led Cassie to join Moms Morning, volunteer with Women’s Discipleship, join a CARE Group, and join the community at Real Life as God continues to work in her life.

Today we celebrate the work God is doing in Cassie’s life and the work God is doing through her commitment to her marriage, her children, and her community.