Ken, Katrina, Marty, and Dwight

This is Ken, Katrina, Marty, and Dwight (L to R).

They have been attending CARE Groups for years. In the fall of 2016, Dwight & Marty started hosting a group in their home that quickly grew and branched into two groups. Dwight & Marty began leading one of the new branches, and Ken & Katrina became the hosts.

As the group became more established, they started asking themselves, What do we do? How do we get outside of ourselves? How do we serve in a way that fits our demographic and skillset?

Over time they tried various things both individually and as a group, helping with LIFER Kids, volunteering at ServeFest, facilitating a table at Women’s Coffee Connection, serving at the Seder Meal, and greeting for Sunday services. Each time they served together, they became better friends and more closely knit as a group. Time after time, they tried different ministries and enjoyed their time helping, but never found a spot that deeply resonated to claim as their own.

Then, early this year, Katrina saw an email that mentioned an opportunity to cook dinner for Celebrate Recovery.

She brought the opportunity to the group and they decided to try it out. For a couple of months, everyone’s schedules kept them from picking a date to cook dinner. But eventually they picked a date knowing it wouldn’t work for everyone; but they wanted to give it a try.

They did the calculations on the number of slow cookers they would need. While they were shopping, they stared at the sheer quantity of it all wondering, What will we do with all the leftovers?

Finally, the big day arrived and they nervously showed up to cook. They were delighted to have helpful kitchen attendants from Celebrate Recovery there to guide and assist the group. As the group cooked, they joked with one another about the food, made light of spilling salad on the floor, and served up Marty’s taco soup recipe for that night’s dinner.

Meal time came and they laid the table with cheese, sour cream, chips, salsa, and pots of soup. The attendees piled plates high and devoured the soup. They loved it so much they ate it down until they were scraping for the last bits.

The compliments and thankfulness poured onto the crew as they sat and ate dinner together. The couples were overwhelmed as they developed these new friendships with those who showed up for dinner that night. They were rewarded by knowing they had quickly and easily provided food for some 50 attendees in the warm and open atmosphere of the night.

The couples came expecting to cook and be a blessing to Celebrate Recovery that night. What they did not expect was to be so blessed and find a connection to so many people. That night they found their niche in God’s Kingdom, and cannot wait to do it again.