This is Connie.

She has always been passionate about helping children and families in need. She has helped and led various children’s ministries in the area. In the fall of 2015, her son also told her about a children’s home and school in Lewiston.

Being curious about the center and what they did, she attended an informational meeting and fundraiser. At the meeting, she heard from some of the students of the center and how the Northwest Children’s Home (NCH) was helping them. During the event, the speaker also invited any attending alumni of the home to speak about where they are at now.

As women gave their testimony about the role NCH played, each one also told the students how their relationship with God helped them through the especially hard times, and without it they would not be where they are today.

After hearing the testimonies, Connie began to wrestle with whether or not she should be a part of the NCH. She knew she was passionate about their mission, but she didn’t have enough time to do two things and do her best in both of them. For months she wrestled, and then she had a clear message during a sermon that she needed to get involved with the NCH.

Moving forward, she encountered woman after woman who wanted to be a part of what she was doing to help the NCH. Nervously, she would enter these meetings to ask for help; through tears, people would overwhelming respond yes. The more she talked about it, the more God brought other women to be involved. After six or seven women expressed interest in helping, Connie ended up forming a committee. They decided to host a women’s tea and fundraiser to support the NCH; it was a huge success. Not only did they raise money, but they had 90 women hear about what the NCH does and how it is helping children who would otherwise be stuck in the foster care system.

The tea/fundraiser led to the formation of an extension to the NCH called the Palouse Friends of the Northwest Children’s Home. As Connie continued to interact with people on the Palouse, every step of the way God intervened to provide people, information, and resources.

Connie’s journey has been marked by her steps of faith to join in what God is doing, and God always meets her there, providing more than she ever expected.