Aaron & Jenn

This is Aaron and Jenn.

They have been married for 12 years. For most of their marriage, they have been two people living parallel lives focused on raising their two daughters. They had tried various counselors and books, but nothing worked to make their marriage whole. They put up a façade when they were in public and with their children; but, behind closed doors, they were living their lives like two rails of a train track, always pointed in the same direction and never meeting in the middle.

As time passed, they felt alone and frustrated and they began to believe God must have made a mistake when He put them together. They had all but relented themselves to separate after their daughters graduated high school.

As they continued to live their lives, they decided to try marriage counseling with Charlie Couch. While counseling, they also joined a marriage group built on the Love & Respect curriculum.

They learned how much the way they were raised affected their marriage today. They began to see they weren’t the only couple having issues. More and more, they learned their spouse was doing the best they knew how. Through marriage counseling and meeting together as a group, they gained the tools they needed to work together for a better marriage. They discovered how to improve themselves instead of working to improve the other person. And they started making their relationship a priority, having regular date nights and intentional time together.

The biggest change in their marriage came through bringing God into their counseling sessions and spending time in prayer together.

In working on their relationships with God, their relationship with each other was healing. They started to see God had put them together for a reason. Their marriage is more than raising their children; it’s about growing together. 

Today Aaron and Jenn celebrate their marriage, their children are seeing the difference, and they look forward to what God is doing next as He continues to heal their marriage. They have hope for their future and are so glad to be a part of a small group focused on healing together.