Rick & Miriam

This is Rick and Miriam.

In the last year, their lives have taken many dips and turns as God has worked in them and through them.

Their oldest son struggles with addictions and they have been faced with some very hard decisions. They had to decide to show their son tough love as he teetered on the edge of going to a rehabilitation center. When he finally decided to go, they did not know how they were going to come up with the money. As they struggled to find a way, they received donations from different members of the church and the community. Through His people, God provided for their son to go to rehab.

Meanwhile, Rick and Miriam took their family to see Rick’s ailing mother. During their visit, Rick’s mom was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with her entire family. It was the happiest and most energetic she had been in years. She passed away the following week. And while they were visiting Rick’s mom, Miriam’s father fell and suddenly needed full time care.

In the midst of their family’s heartaches, they also experienced God’s provision. They recently saw a small farm come onto the market just outside of Moscow. They had always wanted to own a small farm—space for their children, a few animals, and a large garden. It was perfect. 

They started praying with their CARE Group and decided to put an offer in on the farm. It was less than the asking price, but they wanted to try. After they made their offer, they talked to the neighbors around the farm and they all knew the owner had previously turned down similar offers to theirs. They were at peace with knowing their offer would be declined, but then it wasn’t declined.

The realtor was not optimistic about their loan process and issues cropped up in the inspection, but the loan went smoothly and all of the issues were resolved right on time. God provided for each step in the process.

In the meantime, their son has continued to heal. Though he experienced a relapse, the rehab center took him back and allowed him to restart the process. Today, their son is not only on the road to recovery, but he is holding down a regular job and helping other newcomers to the same rehab center he attended.

Rick and Miriam also look to give back to God’s community as He continues to fill their garden with vegetables and their farm with animals. They look forward to opportunities for being a blessing as much as they have been blessed.

Over and over again, Rick and Miriam had reason to give up, but God always brought hope.