This is Sarah. 

When she became a single mom, Sarah started to feel God’s calling on her heart to lead a study for other single moms — but she didn’t truly believe God could use her in that way. She tried to avoid even going through a study, but it became evident she needed to process through her hurts to be a better mom and a better woman, and before she could move on in her life.

Sarah found the “Soul Ties” study to help her work through hurts from her relationship with her daughter’s father. Through this study she broke the unhealthy bonds she had created, and she began to see the lies she had been telling herself about who she is and about her value in the body of Christ. She replaced these lies with God’s truth about her value in His Kingdom.

Inspired by the freedom and healing she was experiencing, she stepped out in faith and started researching studies to do with other women. She landed on a brand new study from Embrace Grace, a publisher based near Dallas, Texas. As the publisher talked with Sarah, they learned she and other moms were planning on paying for the study themselves. Previously, the publisher had always worked with sponsors to provide materials for a group. Never before had they met a single mom leading other single moms, all paying for the materials themselves. The publisher was so excited for what Sarah was doing that they sponsored the group and paid for everything they needed.

As she continued to respond to God’s calling in her life, more and more single moms signed up for the study. By the time Sarah started, 19 moms had fully committed to meet for the duration of “Embrace Grace.”

The group walked together, replacing lies in their lives with truth from God’s Word. The moms worked through forgiveness and how to forgive their children’s fathers, past abusers, and how to model forgiveness for their children. The moms’ hearts were changed as they began to see what a Godly father looked like and the freedom they experience in Christ. The moms broke free from bitterness, and their hearts changed as they chose daily to be God’s daughters, full of His love. Through meeting together, the moms began praying scripture over their children and setting up healthy boundaries in their lives and relationships.

The group moved from darkness to light and learned who God says they are and whose God says they are.

Moving forward, Sarah and the other moms continue to stay connected, sharing the highlights they have and their needs as they come up. They continue to support one another and hope to meet over the summer to continue to live life together. And Sarah looks forward to this fall and leading another study with more single moms to see God working in so many lives.