This is Jessica.

She is a mother of two from Mexico, committed to her children and her community. Twelve years ago she and her husband divorced. Her daughter decided to continue living with her father, while her son chose to live with her. Despite knowing her daughter loved her, she was deeply hurt by her daughter’s decision.

When her son was in high school, he began making decisions that were very difficult for Jessica to watch. She tried different avenues of reconciling her hurt, including counseling, prayer, and fasting, but she still hurt for her son.

She started attending Celebrate Recovery to continue to work through her hurts. When she first attended, she found she was able to deeply connect to the worship music and the fellowship over dinner, and the relationships she developed continued to support her amidst the pain.

Meanwhile, her son graduated high school and moved out. Her pain compounded as she was now an empty nester. Knowing that, a friend asked her to take in a woman who was trying to get her life back in order. Though Jessica realized she would not receive much rent, if any, she welcomed her in.

Jessica’s new housemate turned out to be a delight. Jessica watched her finish school and find employment, and now she is a Certified Nursing Assistant and has moved to be closer to her daughters.

Jessica was happy to be a part of the process of walking with someone as God helped them put their life back together, and God continued to place the desire on her heart to help women. Another friend put her in contact with an opportunity to be the house mom for a group of struggling women.

She wasn’t sure if she was the right person. Jessica had often dreamed of running a bed and breakfast, and she asked God if this was it.

She eventually went and toured the house they were planning on using, and it was going to need a lot of work. Jessica thought of reasons not to help, but God continued showing her that she was the right person for the job.

After a few meetings with the house’s owner, the tenants’ sponsors, and experienced leaders, Jessica felt she had a framework to get started.

In November 2016, her first guest moved in, and Jessica started helping her settle into a life of wholeness. Since then, several other women have moved into the house. Jessica has been able to speak the truth of God’s Word into their lives, and the women have bonded. She has been able to connect with them, see them grow, and be blessed by God as these women have become more than tenants and roommates. They are her friends.

Her relationship with her son and daughter have grown. They are closer now than ever despite not having mom’s house to drop into whenever they want.

Now Jessica has more purpose than she has had in years and is excited to see what God does next in her own life, as well as the tenants in her house. This is not the bed and breakfast she thought she would have, but it is the place she and her friends find healing.