This is Emmy.

After having three children, Emmy found herself feeling dissatisfied with the toll pregnancy and baby weight had taken on her. She got a trainer who was not only invested in her workouts, but more importantly, in her spiritual and emotional well-being. Through their time together, Emmy saw the results in her own life as she interacted with her family and friends and wanted to help other women find the same fulfillment she found.

“I wanted to find strength again, and physically finding it helped me pave a way to find it spiritually, and find it emotionally.”

In her journey to help other women, she attained a personal training certification and then a group fitness training certification. She was motivated and excited to share her new skills with other women who wanted them, but she constantly saw how lacking it was to focus only on developing physical health. For Emmy, “fitness is a tool, not a goal. It is a tool to find wholeness in Jesus.” And so she continued searching for the right program.

Last year, Emmy found Revelation Wellness. She started participating in their program and was moved at how they wove the physical, spiritual, and emotional elements together. After experiencing their program, she flew to Arizona and became certified to teach it.

When she got home, it felt like everything fell apart for her. She and her family had some big decisions to make. They had been farmers their whole lives, as much as eating and breathing. They needed to decide whether to continue being farmers or to start something else.

Emmy decided to put the fitness class on hold and to invest in her family as they navigated some very big decisions. Little did she know, God had been preparing her for these decisions.

“I feel like being in a physically strong place at that moment, I was able to handle what we had to go through. I sought the Lord and His strength in me for that.”

Now, on the other side of those difficult decisions, Emmy is finding her identity in being a part of what God is doing in other women’s lives through fitness, and is working to help other women experience the same freedom.

She is excited to be a part of a community of women who are working to be emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy together. She looks forward to leading her first class and seeing where God takes her as she continues to be faithful to this new purpose He has set in her life.