This is Tosha.

Born and raised in Florida, she was 13 when she was introduced to pot at church camp. By 16 she was regularly using pills and painkillers.

“I always said I would never use meth.”

But at 18 she began using meth, and at 21 she met the future father of her son. When she became pregnant, she continued using drugs throughout her pregnancy. By the grace of God, her son was born drug free in 2013.

However, less than a month later, she was arrested for possession and her son was put in the foster care system in Florida. When she got out of jail, she cried out for help, saying, “OK, God. You gotta do something here.”

“I couldn’t stop using. I couldn’t stay clean. It wasn’t working.”

She started the process of moving in with her parents, who had just moved to Moscow. She worked with CPS in Florida and CPS in Idaho in order to regain custody of her son. They required her to attend drug court, finish a year case plan, have a stable job, and have stable housing in order to get her son back.

With the help of her Celebrate Recovery (CR) family, church family, and her parents, she was able to get her son back after he spent ten months in the foster care system.

“When I first moved here, I met so many people I was safe with.”

Tosha also joined a CARE Group.

“They took me in and loved me like I was their own kid.”

The people in her CARE Group were just the people she needed to be with, both emotionally and physically. They helped her family and bought them Christmas presents, and even let her use their cabin for a vacation.

Today she works full time as a receptionist, has full custody of her son, and maintains a stable, drug-free home.

“For the first time in my life, I am excited for myself and my life and I don’t think I’ve ever been able to embrace that before.”