Hunter & Sarah


This is Hunter and Sarah.

Sarah was raised in a Christian home, went to a Christian school, and attended church on Sunday and youth group on Wednesday. She was baptized in the church and she has always been a star student at school and a model citizen at home.

Hunter was raised in a very different environment—much more dynamic and full of surprises. His parents struggled with anger and alcohol, and the passing of his brother from leukemia pushed them deeper into their addictions. When Hunter reached high school, his parents divorced and began seeking help for their issues. Meanwhile, Hunter turned to alcohol and pornography.

Hunter and Sarah met, dated, got engaged, and were married. They were so happy to be married, but they were still struggling in their own ways. Through the course of moving once or twice a year and having two amazing children, they realized something was wrong.

“It was hard. We were doing it all on our own.”

They were not consistently in community. They needed to learn to trust people outside of themselves.

“I [Hunter] was a typical loner. I had friends, but I didn’t open up very deep to them.”

“I [Sarah] made a transition from getting from other people what I need to where I invest in other people for what they need.”

In the last year, Sarah began helping coordinate a moms group and God has been opening her to friendships and meeting other moms to see how much she has in common with other women.

“I [Sarah] don’t have to be perfect. It’s a relief for me.”

Hunter has been getting involved with a Me & 3 and meeting with other guys for coffee. He’s gaining insight into himself and helping other guys find their own insight.

“I [Hunter] never thought in a million years I could come and tell people I struggled with pornography. I had to tell my wife about it and she forgave me. Now I have this group of guys who supports me and I’m doing well.”

Today they have more friendships and people in their lives than before. They continue to learn how they can be a better spouse to one another.

Moving forward, they are looking for the next step as God continues to bring new friends into their lives. For the first time, they are making decisions based on the friendships and people they don’t want to leave.