This is Lukas.

Being a shy overachiever from a broken family, he turned to alcohol early in his life to take the edge off his social and emotional anxieties. Eventually, he turned to other drugs to help him cope. He constantly felt out of place, like he didn’t belong no matter how hard he worked or what he achieved.

“I felt like a fish out of water. I was never meant to be that person.”

When he finished college, he had three business degrees and there were no jobs for him to pay his loans. He turned to driving truck, getting his CDL and Hazmat credentials, and he continued to use drugs as a coping mechanism to help him deal with life.

When he hit rock bottom, he turned to God and God met him there. His grandma had dragged him to church growing up; he decided to give it another try. He was welcomed into the church community with open arms. Attending a CARE Group, he found acceptance and love for who he is. There was no rejection or judgment because of the decisions he had made. Moreover, he also found new friends and people who could relate to his struggles as he started attending Celebrate Recovery.

“I had to swallow my pride. Once I went to Celebrate Recovery, I found people who were truly accepting of who I am and they could share in the same stories I have and could relate and love me for it.”

As he found these new friends, he had people who were willing to walk with him through his recovery and understand him. He is celebrating his full sobriety with people who care about him and want him to succeed.

“I love my CARE Group and all the people in the church. It isn’t hard to say I love them or hard to hug them, either.”

Today he is excited for his business to grow as he looks to give back to his friends and the people who have been with him as he has grown and recovered from his addictions. He is also looking to tell his story and use his experiences to help others see that there is more to their lives than the bad circumstances and addictions dominating their lives.