Young Single Mom Needs Items for Home and Baby


Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming response to help this young mother!

A young woman needs our help in obtaining items for her home and newborn baby. After she got out of a bad relationship, she discovered she was pregnant. She has now given birth and returned to being a full-time student. She and her baby are now in their own place, but she does not have the funds to buy a double or full-size bedframe, a chair for the living room, and a stroller for her baby. She also needs Walmart gift cards for food and miscellaneous baby items. Her family lives out of town, so it is difficult for her trying to raise her child and study full time. Let’s help this young mother and child as they go through these tough times.

Please contact to arrange for a pick-up of larger items. Smaller items may be dropped off at 317 W 6th St., Suite 201, in Moscow, ID, Monday–Thursday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Real Needs Team