Beds and Car Seats Needed for Twins


Thanks to everyone who helped, we were able to get this family what they needed for their boys!

A newly-married couple needs two junior beds and two car seats for their two-year-old twin boys. Until recently, they have been displaced from their home and have been forced to live about two hours apart until the father found work. At present, they are living together again as the father has found full-time employment, and the mother stays at home with the twins. They need junior beds and bedding since the bedrooms in their home are small. They would also appreciate the gift of two car seats so they can safely transport their boys.

Please contact to arrange for a pick-up of your donation. Smaller items may be dropped off at the Real Life office at 317 W 6th St., Suite 201, in Moscow, Monday–Thursday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Real Needs Team