Single Mom and Children Need Winter Clothes


Thank you to everyone who helped this family out. Through many donors, each giving a little, we were able to provide this family with enough clothes to keep them warm just in time for the chilly weather to hit!

A single mom in Moscow and her two teenage children need winter clothes. Since her teenage son has special needs, she was unable to work last summer as she cared for him. They have been living on disability benefits, but cannot afford to buy winter clothes. She and her daughter need socks (they both wear size 8.5–9 shoes) and sweatpants (they prefer men's sweatpants, size L). Her teenage son needs pants and sweatpants (size 34x34), shirts (men's size L), sweatshirts (boy's size XL), and socks (for size 8.5 shoes).

Please contact to arrange for a pick-up of your donation. Smaller items may be dropped off at the Real Life offices at 1428 S Blaine St. in Moscow, ID, Monday–Thursday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Real Needs Team