Our goal is simple: We want to meet real needs, for real people, in real time.

We believe people would help their neighbor in need. We act as a hub of communications, facilitating people coming together to help their community.

Here’s how it works: Verified non-profits submit a specific need, we post the need in this centralized location, the need will feed to Facebook, Twitter, and other channels, and if someone can meet the need, they reply. When the need is met, we all celebrate.

If you want to be involved, follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page, sign up for messages through our mailing list, or text “realneeds” to 77948 to receive messages directly to your mobile phone. When a need comes around, we post it. If you can meet the need, reply. If you can't, share it with friends, or simply ignore it until the next need comes along. We aim to meet practical, tangible needs. Monetary donations are not accepted.

Know of a need that we might be able to fulfill? Submit a need here.

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