Spartan Sprint

We have a crew of Lifers training to run a Spartan Sprint. We hope you will join us. No matter your physical condition today, we assure you we won’t leave anyone behind as we cover 3+ miles and 20+ obstacles in Seattle on September 17.

We will meet at the Pioneer Center in Pullman each week. We may or may not stay onsite depending on our workout of the day and the weather conditions. Please make sure you have running shoes and clothes appropriate for working out and/or the weather when you arrive.

Training starts July 22, 7:30 am (please arrive 15 minutes early to stretch and prepare)

There will be a mental and spiritual component to this training plan. Please memorize Psalm 1:1–6 to start. We will provide you with the rest of the plan after our first session. Contact Derek Murphy if you have any questions.

This will be an experience you won’t forget.