Aaron Couch
Lead Pastor / Elder
phone: 208.882.2484
email: aaron@liferotp.com
twitter: @kelsguy1113
blog: Aaron’s Blog

Aaron has been in ministry for over twenty years. As a pastor in his second church plant, he is still amazed at how God works. God has been truly faithful. Aaron has been privileged to be part of a movement of churches that is changing the face of how discipleship is accomplished within the churches of America. As a result of this, he gets the opportunity to travel and speak often.

Aaron has a master’s degree from Hope International University and a bachelor’s degree from Boise Bible College, but his greatest joy is his family. Aaron is married with four kids. Aaron and his wife, Kelli, have served in ministry since the beginning of their marriage. They love the church and love watching God empower people to be set free.

Josh Gray
Executive Pastor
phone: 208.882.2484
email: joshgray@liferotp.com

Josh joined the Real Life team in 2012. He is honored to be working in God’s Kingdom and loves the people at Real Life. Prior to his call in ministry, Josh worked in the insurance industry and ran his own company. Josh married his wife, Kerri, in 1995, and they have three outstanding children: Vitoria, Jacob, and Ellie.

Thad DeBuhr
Pullman Campus Pastor
phone: 509.339.6365
email: thad@liferotp.com

Thad has been in vocational ministry for over twelve years. His experience ranges from youth ministry to marriage ministry and leadership. He and his wife, Lani, joined the Real Life team in Pullman in 2017 with Noah, their youngest of five children. Even in the midst of being a sales manager and then a business owner, Thad sees ministry as a lifestyle commitment. He and his family are fully committed to investing in our community and sharing the love of God with the Palouse.

Rob Croyle
Idaho Discipleship Pastor
phone: 208.882.2484
email: robcroyle@liferotp.com

Rob moved to Moscow in the fall of 2014. Prior to ministry, he spent two decades in the Air National Guard working in information technology, as well as managing his parents’ automotive shop. Rob has enjoyed serving in just about every volunteer opportunity found in the Church. He is passionate about helping people find where they thrive and watching people connect with God in new ways. Rob married his wife, Christy, in 1996, and they have four fun-loving children: Jacob, Joshua, Joy, and Jasmine.

Alex Little
Pullman Children’s Pastor
phone: 509.339.6365
email: alex@liferotp.com

Alex was born in Oregon, but most of his childhood was spent in Olympia, Washington. He graduated from Northwest University in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in religion and philosophy. Alex and his wife, Carissa, have three children, Landon, Adelyn, and Dawson. Alex and Carissa have been involved with Real Life since the church’s first meeting.

Rachel Lamppa
Moscow Children’s Pastor
phone: 208.882.2484
email: rachel@liferotp.com

Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Cornerstone University. She has taught in the classroom, operated a home daycare, and worked as a family advocate for Head Start. She and her husband, Brian, have three great kids. These experiences have prepared her for the role she plays in the church. She feels blessed to have a job she loves and be part of God’s work on the Palouse.

Emmy Salisbury
Moscow Student Pastor
phone: 208.882.2484
email: emmy@liferotp.com

Emmy is a lifelong resident of Moscow who adores the community and her church family. She is passionate about helping middle school and high school students find their God-given purpose and design. She and her husband, Jon, have three children: Wyatt, Bodie, and Savannah.

Adrian Gonzales
Pullman Student Pastor
phone: 509.339.6365
email: adrian@liferotp.com

Adrian grew up in the Tri-Cities with his parents and two brothers before moving to the Palouse in 2010. He graduated from Washington State University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Adrian spent three years doing college ministry with YoungLife in the area, including a mission trip to Malawi. Adrian also studied under Aaron Couch in Israel. His passions include outdoor recreation and empowering people to be leaders, impacting the people around them.

Eric Wright
Lead Minister, Impact Campus Ministries
phone: 208.882.2484
email: eric.wright@impacttheu.com

Eric served as a youth minister in Oklahoma for twelve years before coming to the University of Idaho in 2003 with Impact Campus Ministries. The ministry expanded to Washington State University in 2007 and Lewis-Clark State College in 2011.

Eric and his wife, Mitzi, have one daughter, Macie. Eric and Mitzi met at Ozark Christian College where Eric graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Eric also has a bachelor’s degree in history from U of I and is currently working on his master’s degree.

Eric has been part of Real Life since the beginning in 2007. Impact partnered with Real Life to coach college CARE Group leaders and disciple college students. Eric’s passion lies in helping students explore their God-given design to pursue Him and to bring His Kingdom to their world.

Marty Solomon
President, Impact Campus Ministries
phone: 208.882.2484
email: marty.solomon@impacttheu.com

Marty has a bachelor's degree in Christian ministries from Boise Bible College, and he has been in pastoral roles through various ministries since 2001. He and his wife, Rebekah, have two children, Abigail and Ezekiel. Marty joined Impact Campus Ministries and his family moved to Moscow in 2010. Marty’s passion is to provide students with an intensive discipleship program similar to what a student would encounter in the first century.

Charlie Couch
Marriage & Family Pastor
phone: 208.882.2484
email: charliec@liferotp.com

Charlie entered ministry as a youth pastor in 1972, and he was called to a preaching pastorate in 1974. Two years later, after graduating from Bible College, he moved from Ohio to serve in chuches in Wyoming and Montana. He become part of the staff at Real Life Ministries in 2001, serving the church in Post Falls, Idaho, until 2007, when he moved to Moscow to plant the church here.

Charlie serves directly in marriage and family ministries, while also encouraging other ministries. His tasks also include preaching and counseling. His wife, Eileen, ministers alongside him, coordinating food on Sundays, as well as communion preparation.

Kerri Gray
Moscow Women’s Discipleship Pastor
phone: 208.882.2484
email: kerrigray@liferotp.com

Kerri joined the Real Life team as the Women’s Discipleship Pastor in June 2013. She feels blessed and loves the opportunity to partner with God’s call to bring the Kingdom. Kerri has a passion for encouraging and equipping the ladies around her, and a strong desire to help others do the same. She has been married to her husband, Josh, since 1995, and they have three amazing children: Vitoria, Jacob, and Ellie.

Shari Hall
Celebrate Recovery Coordinator
phone: 208.882.2484
email: celebraterecovery@liferotp.com

Shari is the Celebrate Recovery Coordinator for the Palouse region. She holds a Foundation of Biblical Counseling Certificate from Christian Counseling Education Foundation. Shari and Mike were married in 1985 and have two grown children. They moved to the area from California in 1998 and have been members of Real Life since 2012.

Kelli Couch
Moscow Worship Pastor
phone: 208.882.2484
email: kelli@liferotp.com

Kelli graduated from Boise Bible College with a degree in Bible and music. She has been in worship ministry in some capacity for over twenty years. Along with Aaron, she has been part of two church plants and experienced God doing more than she could have ever imagined. Her passions are inspiring others to greater abandon in worship and teaching women how to study the Word, and she has a heart for pastors’ wives.

Chris Clayton
Pullman Worship Pastor
phone: 509.339.6365
email: chris@liferotp.com

Chris was born in San Jose, CA, and raised in Coeur d’Alene, ID. He started volunteering in worship arts at 19 and has been active in ministry ever since. He has led in multiple areas of ministry, including roles in full-time youth and as the worship arts pastor at Real Life Ministries—Coeur d’Alene Campus. Chris has the joy of leading worship alongside his gifted wife, Harmony. Together they have two amazing kids, Journey and Jovie. The Claytons have a huge heart to worship our Lord and savior through music, service, art, and the variety of means God has given us to respond to him.

Harmony Clayton
Pullman Worship Pastor
phone: 509.339.6365
email: harmony@liferotp.com

Harmony was born and raised in Coeur d’Alene, ID. She has loved music since she was a child, learning from her father, a prolific singer/songwriter. She has been part of a worship arts ministry for over fifteen years on vocals and acoustic guitar. She married Chris in 2004, and they have two beautiful girls, Journey and Jovie. They are excited to see God continue to work on the Palouse through His church.

Gus Simpson
Director of Production
phone: 208.882.2484
email: gus@liferotp.com

Gus has been part of Real Life since its first preview service in 2007, and started volunteering with creative arts and student ministries in 2008. He graduated from the University of Idaho in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast and digital media production and music, and he has worked in radio, film, television, audio, and special event production. He joined the Real Life staff in 2014 to help meet the church’s growing technical needs, and is passionate about creating quality media, experiences, and processes to support and propel the church’s creative endeavors. He and his wife, Atalie, have one son, Judah.

JT Manning
Creative Arts Operations
phone: 208.882.2484
email: jt@liferotp.com

JT came to Real Life through an invitation from a co-worker, and has loved the team since the very beginning of the church. JT loves people and has been blessed with an ability to work with technology and music in an environment where he can express his creativity, while also caring for people. He and his wife, Kelsey, have one son, Ethan.

Cathy McElderry
Director of Finance & Operations
phone: 208.882.2484
email: cathy@liferotp.com

Cathy grew up in Missoula, Montana, until moving to Moscow in the fall of 2014. She has worked in various administrative roles for nearly twenty years and has always found purpose in using those gifts to help the church. She loves being a part of small groups in addition to being on staff. She married her husband, Adam, in 2000, and they have two children, Isaiah and Lillian.

Sarah Brutsman
Executive Assistant
phone: 208.882.2484
email: sarah@liferotp.com

Sarah moved to Moscow with her family in 2012, and they have been attending and volunteering with Real Life ever since. Sarah and her husband, Bryan, have been married for over 20 years and they have three children: Kyla, Triston, and Charity. They have a mission-minded family and are thrilled to be part of the Real Life team.

Lani DeBuhr
Pullman Women’s Discipleship Pastor and Administrative Assistant
phone: 509.339.6365
email: lani@liferotp.com

Lani has over fifteen years of ministry experience in a variety of areas, including women’s, children’s, youth, and marriage ministries. She has a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Montana State University. She and her husband, Thad, have four sons and one daughter. Lani is passionate about helping people navigate life with God's guidance and grace.

Laura Yacoubian
phone: 208.882.2484
email: laura@liferotp.com

Laura was born in Oregon and spent time in Texas before landing in Idaho. She is working on a business degree at Lewis and Clark State College, and she and her son, Stephen, have been involved with Awana for five years. Laura is an integral part of making LIFER Kids run smoothly, and she loves helping people feel welcome at our church.

Brent Billings
Director of Communication
phone: 208.882.2484
email: brentbillings@liferotp.com

Brent grew up in Kansas before moving to Idaho and getting involved with Real Life in Post Falls. His career in production and graphic design began in 2003, which involves ongoing training and study. He and his wife, Maggi, moved to Moscow in 2012 to join the Real Life team here.

Real Life Staff, April 2017

Real Life Staff, April 2017